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This site is in the process of great changes but we may have buried parts in an alternate universe. Please don’t go too fast! is the major contact point so unless you want to die of something please send a note to (this is supposed to be a clickable link but if it doesn’t instantly work please copy and paste) and we will get back to you soon, we will be working like a dog to get it retrieved ASAP.

We will be providing a Read through the Bible and answers section, NFT’s for free and fee, Who is this guy with 212 years of experience? (may also answer why Green Dog fits) What Secrets you WISH your parents had told you and About Animals in Heaven section, and a few other special items that we think you will love, much of the delectable treats are ready in several forms, but we got to figure out how to divide it up and feed it to you.   LOTS of great choices coming!



The only thing we ask is feed me — with feedback… We would love to hear from you. is our email.  The website magic will be catching up. In the meantime to easily get on our mailing list, please sign up on the update lists Click link here



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