Glad You Are Here at last. Welcome!

You are going to find a lot of great Green Dog Loving here. Like a long lost friend, even if it’s the first time … just because we are so very glad you’re here.     

We have just started this page, much more is coming. Some of it is already written, some has been put up in other places that are not that easy to find, but we need to know what you need or want most. We need know what sparked your interest we would love to hear from you. is our email. Soon after we know the questions most important to you, the website magic will catch up. In the meantime please sign up on the update lists Click link here

We are starting a far reaching, amazing series on Animals and Heaven. Many of our articles are being made into videos and audio. We know you are going to like it, because we have already shared with thousands. Please join us. Click link here and also view video in order to subscribe on YouTube
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